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Your Personal Information

We respect and value your privacy. We shall use what information you leave here only for the purpose of improving our products and informing you about new product releases when you tell us to do so. We will NOT sell, trade, give away, or be careless with your email address, address, name and personal details. We're every bit as tired of spam and unsolicited contacts as you are.


Cookies are small information files stored by your browser on your hard drive. They're commonly used to allow websites to provide features like site personalization and shopping carts. We use cookies to ensure the correct display of our content and to store your preferences and settings; help with sign-in; combat fraud; and analyze site operations.


When our site or service collects age information, it will block users under 13 or obtain consent from a parent or guardian before their child can use it. When consent is granted, the child's account is treated much like any other account, including letting the account holder communicate with other users. Parents can change or revoke consent as described in this privacy statement.

Display of Advertising

Most of the online advertisements on our sites and services are displayed by Google Adsense. We display advertising to increase financial support to our projects. Whatever is displayed in the advertising does not reflect our views and we do not have full control of what our advertising companies may display. Should any advertising displayed on our website offend you please contact us and let us know.